Digital queuing and appointment management system for barbershops and hairdressing salons


3ack is an artificial intelligence powered digital queuing and appointment management system for hairdressing salons and barbershops.

The goal of 3ack is to make it seamless and hassle-free for owners of hairdressing salons and barbershops to run and manage their business.

Additionally, 3ack provides unparalleled flexibility and democratization to the customers of hairdressing salons and barbershops. Thanks to 3ack customers nolonger have to spend time waiting to be served. They can join the queue and walk away only to return about 5 minutes before their turn. This is possible because 3ack makes accurate time estimation by combining realtime event data from the salons with Artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithm.

Moreover, customers are also provided with the possibility to join the queue from their home and the possibility to switch places with someone higher in the drop-in or appointment queue.

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The vision of 3ack is to become a one-stop shop of digital solutions for hairdressing salons and barbershops. Consequently, 3ack seeks to provide the following functionalities to hairdressing salons and barbershops.

Digital queuing

With 3ack, you get a digital queuing system that's easy to set up and simple for both you and your walk-in customers to use.

Here's how it works: First, you add your salon's location to the system and activate it. Then, you print out a QR code and put it up at your salon.

When your customers arrive, they just need to scan the QR code using their phone and enter their name and mobile number. They can choose to wait at the salon or leave and get an SMS notification about 5 minutes before it's their turn.

If they're in a hurry, they can even offer to swap places with someone else in the queue anonymously.

You can manage the queue for multiple salon locations all in one place. By selecting the salon and date, you can see who's waiting and control the queue. With just a click, the next customer in line will get a notification on their phone.

Customers can also leave you notes or feedback while they're in the queue, and you can see their comments and ratings in real-time. It's a convenient way to organize your salon and keep your customers happy!

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Online booking

With 3ack, you can easily accept online bookings straight from your website. Your customers can pick the date, time, and the hairstyle or service they want, and even pay for it, all from the comfort of their home.

Plus, managing appointments and walk-in customers is no longer a hassle. You don't have to manually search for available time slots for walk-ins. 3ack does this for you automatically by analyzing your existing bookings and finding the right spot for walk-in customers. It saves you time and effort so you can focus on providing great service!

Payment processing

We don't think physical POS systems are necessary anymore because they can be expensive to get and maintain. Also, they aren't very good for the environment. Nowadays, most people already have smartphones and internet access. That's why 3ack offers you a digital POS system.

With this system, your customers can pay directly from their phones using credit cards or other options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, VIPPS, Klarna, and more.

The best part is, the digital POS from 3ack is really flexible. You can create payment requests for the products or services your customers want, and they'll get instant notifications. Or they can simply scan a QR code on their device to make the payment. It's a modern and convenient way to handle transactions!

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Nowadays, customers expect even small businesses to have a simple website. Because websites are great for showing what your business stands for, its mission, and general information and updates. But running and keeping a website updated can be expensive and a big hassle, especially for small businesses like hair salons and barbershops. That's why many of them give up on having one.

Thanks to 3ack, it doesn't have to be that way anymore. With 3ack, having a website and keeping it updated is as easy as filling out a simple form. All you have to do is upload your logo, choose your brand colors, write a short description (or let 3ack's AI write it for you), pick a template, and that's it! 3ack takes care of the rest.

Your website will have all the important info about your business: your team, locations, opening hours, contact details, services you offer, types of hairstyles you do, and the products you sell. Plus, your customers will be able to book appointments and buy your products right from your website.

The best part is, you can update your website yourself without needing any help from an IT consultant. And of course, your website will be optimized so it can be found on Google and Bing when people search for you. It's a simple and effective way to have an online presence for your business!

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3ack search engine

3ack comes with extra visibility and an increased chance of attracting new customers because your salon locations will be automatically listed on 3ack search engine that is powered by AI. This way, customers can easily find your barbershop or hair salon and even see the real-time queue status

Customers can interact with the search engine using natural language and can filter barbershops and salons based on their specific preferences. They can choose their hair type, the services they want, location, price range, and even see how long the queue is, among other criteria. It's a convenient way for customers to find the perfect place that matches their needs!

Targeted marketing

3ack keeps record of the email addresses and phone numbers of the customers that visit your barbershop or salon in complaince with GDPR directives. You also have access to these details and 3ack give you the possibility to send SMS and email to all or just one of them with the click of a button.

This means you can easily information your customers about the arrival of new products or ongoing campaigns and discounts or just simply thank them for patronizing you.

Doing this has proven to be instrumental in bring customers back to your business and also breeding loyal customers.

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3ack marketplace is where you are connected with producers and wholesalers of beauty care products, machines and tools. You can order the products that your customers love straight from 3ack and thanks to group buying feature, you can get extra discounts by buying in bulk together with other salons.

You can create a group or you can join an existing group of salons that want to buy a particular product and once the target number is reached, the wholesaler will give all the buyers in the group a bigger than usual discount.

Besides, 3ack will take care of all logistics for shipping, payment, track your inventory and automatically refill products based on set sales thresholds.

Furthermore, the products you order from 3ack marketplace are automatically listed and can be bought by your customers from your website.

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With 3ack, you get seamless integration with popular calendars, accounting and employee management software. This cool feature allows your appointments to be automatically synced with your Google calendar. Plus, all your orders, invoices, and receipts can be effortlessly sent straight to your accounting software or accountant.

The best part is, this automation helps you stay on top of your tax and reporting requirements without any fuss. It also saves you money on accounting services because everything is handled smoothly and efficiently.


Every serious business owner agree that it is important to know how their business is performing in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. This is why 3ack provides you with graphical analytics of your sales, revenue figures, customers' ratings and satisfaction.

These numbers are shown in pie chart, bar charts, histogram and can be filtered, download or even queried using natural language. Thanks to the implementation of conversational AI in 3ack.

3ack has a very simply pricing model


The pricing goal is to keep the monthly cost of 3ack below 10% of the most affordable haircut in most hairdressing salons.

Consequently, 3ack costs only 100 NOK per month per business location

Price is excluding VAT and card charges


3ack is currently in BETA and most features listed above may not yet be available. However, it is currently being developed and features are being built and frequently released

You can support the project by signing up, using available features and giving us feedback